Are People who use a lot of Swear Words MORE Honest and Trust Worthy?


The short answer is: This fact was probably made up.

A 15 minute Google search yielded many hits, but as always (and you’ll start seeing this as a pattern with such “facts”) none of the websites included legitimate sources. They all claim that studies or psychologists say something…but they never—never—source their claim. And when they do included “sources,” they usually lead to pages where people are just speculating or spreading the same claim without primary sources.

But in the spirit of not wanting this post to go to waste (as I usually feel whenever I hit dead-ends), I’ll leave you with a real article on The Science of Swearing, posted on the Association for Psychological Science website. The article discusses the following questions:

  • Is swearing problematic or harmful?
  • Is it bad for children to hear or say swear words?
  • Has swearing become more frequent in recent years?
  • Do all people swear?

(And notice that beautiful list of references at the end of the article.)

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